Relaxing Massage

The main intention of the Relaxing Massage is to give to the body a state of relief and peace, specially important in a stressed way of live.

The touch in the Relaxing Massage is delicate and soft, but firm at the same time. The strokes are made with smooth movements, with an harmonious and pleasant rythm and without brusqueness. This massage attempts to achieve a state of calm for body and soul, that many times can not obtain naturally. Relives general tensions and muscle contracions of the body, ending in a relaxing emotion.

The Relaxing Masssage is a full body massage with special attention to the back, as in this area where tensions, signs of worries, fears and instability concentrate.

Specific benefits of the Relaxing Massage:

▪The benefits of the Relaxing Massage can be realized emotional and physically, thanks to the calming emotion that clears the tensions and worries. Produces relaxation in body and mind, giving a pleasant emotion os tranquility and well-being.

▪Removes musuclar tension, calms painful muscle contractions, and the muscles recover elasticity.

▪ Boosts blood circulation

▪Softens the skin and removes dead cells, reduces wrinkles and cellulite


Donostia / San Sebastian

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