Californian Massage

Receiving a massage just for pleasure, this is the philosophy of the californian massage, the most sensorial and sesual of our massage menu. Perfect for a sweet reconciliation with the body. The californian massage is excellent againts stress, based in the awekening of the senses and mixing oriental and occidental techniques to obtain a unique massage.

This technique consists in covering and sculpting the whole body with slipping movements and touches, using a big quantity of hot oil in order to obatin a total feeling of relaxation. Is a slow massage, sweet and spacious where the hands of the massage therapist execute a harmonious choreography  over the body. Working from the feet to head, facing up and down in order to create a state of harmony that tend to work on the nervous system and the energy distribution of the body, helping to free the physical, mental and emotional tensions in order to reach a health and welfare balance in body and soul.

The californian massage is recommended specially for people who need to relax, a moment to surrender and reconcile with the body.

The specific benefits of the Californian Massage are:

  • Reduce the stress and promote the deep relaxation and integrative conciousness between body and soul
  • Increases our sensitivity and stimulates the senses, slowing down our perception
  • Connects us with the pleaseure. Strenghtens the ability of corporal privacy
  • Reduces anxiety and depression
  • Improves the perception and acceptance of the body, the listening and self-steem
  • Assists and shares women´s pregnancy and post partum process


Donostia / San Sebastian

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